How It Works?


The eMentalist collects data in real time for different industries and sectors




Real Estate



Data Landscape of eMentalist


Structured data, such as numbers from databases


Unstructured data, such as text or images

General Data

High level external macro information, such as macro economy indices, demographic data, or general public NEWS)


Sector-based external data, which is relevant for a domain (e.g., Real Estate: news and reports relevant for the Real Estate Market, housing prices, interest rates, etc.)


Company (internal) data (e.g., sales data, budgets, CRM data, internal emails, etc.)

How does the eMentalist workflow look like? We guide you through step by step:


Identification of useful senarios - where does AI make sense for your business?

Together we identify and define AI and data-driven analytic senarios, which are effective for your business.

Identification of relevant internal and external data

Once the scenario is defined, we check, which data we need and which data is available.

Data collection and structuring

With the eMentalist Data Crawler toolkit we crawl relevant data from millions of extrenal sources. We collect them, we prepare them and we structure them for your specific need. We also make your internal data AI-ready and correlate them with external data.

Patterns and signal identification

With the eMentalist Anomalies and Casualities Toolkit we process collected data to identify anomalies, patterns and spot hidden signals, which are relevant for your business, but which you have not been aware of.

Predection model development

The identified patterns and hidden signals allow us to develop prediction models for your business.

Optimization of the model

We combine AI with human intelligence. Leveraging expert crowd intelligence our prediction models will be continuously fine-tuned and improved.

Visualization and Reporting

With the eMentalist Visual Analytics Dashboard, we visualise your results, which enbales you to interactively and adaptive anlysis and create reports from your results.