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The path via e-mobility to the energy transition

Green must not only be the colour of the car. E-mobility needs the expansion of renewable energy sources to take sustainability into account. Because the alternative that is today labelled as “green” and “sustainable”, the drive by means of electric current, does not automatically bring with it a reduction in emissions.

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Innovative approaches with the ESG Tracker

We claim to act rationally, but we are always influenced by cognitive biases in all our decisions. These biases are also present in AI, because behind every technology and algorithm is a person or team with cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Companies like RepRisk addressed this in depth, as a recent post shows. Our team at…

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Data is the new oil

The benefit of data depends on its availability, quality and linkage. Artificial intelligence provides significant cost savings.   Those who analyse, link and use existing data from objects, companies and the environment have a huge competitive advantage. Like oil, however, data is not readily available on the surface, and making it usable is a challenge.…

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ESG-Tracker: Neues Modell für transparentere Nachhaltigkeits-Ratings

Nachhaltiges Investment gewinnt immer mehr an Bedeutung. Als Maßstab dafür dienen den Investoren primär Ratings, die die Erfüllung von „ESG-Kriterien“ (Environmental, Social & Governance) bewerten. Konventionelle Ratings sind freilich oftmals intransparent und voller Verzerrungen, nicht zuletzt weil sie häufig auf Eigenangaben der bewerteten Unternehmen und Institutionen basieren. Mit dem „ESG-Tracker“, einem neuen Modell, das der…

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Sven Olaf Eggers appointed as first member of Senior Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Sven Olaf Eggers, Chairman of the Management Board of AIF Kapitalverwaltungs-AG, has been appointed as the first member of the Senior Advisory Board. The newly formed board will advise the company on topics surrounding product development, marketing activities and sourcing of cooperation partners and clients. In the…

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