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Our added value is particularly impactful in sectors where large amounts of data and routine processes play an important role in business success. We have been able to demonstrate our capabilities in particular in the sectors of Energy & Utilities, Industry, Public Sector, Real Estate and Retail, thus providing companies with valuable support in leveraging data potential.

Energy & Utilities

The seamless energy supply for population, organizations and companies requires a high degree of efficiency and reliability but also forward-looking action. The insights provided by AI solutions, as well as the increase in efficiency and quality through process automation, help you to draw the right conclusions from large amounts of data, take the right measures and implement them quickly.


Industry 4.0 means the seamless linking and networking of production and products with state-of-the-art information and communication technology based on the Internet of Things. Due to the huge amounts of new information and data generated throughout the entire product life cycle, previously undreamt-of potential is created by bundling and evaluating them. With the use of the right tools, the resulting competitive advantages can be realized and reflected in form of a sustainable increase in company value.

Public Services

The large amounts of data collected through daily operations, which affect a large number of different stakeholder groups, have great potential to provide you with information on how to make your value proposition particularly relevant and customer-oriented. In addition, intelligent process automation and self-learning solutions can make your daily work easier and thus increase efficiency in the long term.

Real Estate

With the increasing relevancy of digitalization in real estate, the volume of available data is also increasing. At the same time, the expectations of digital solutions for efficient and networked property management are rising. AI solutions and process automation in conjunction with a well thought-out data strategy help you to gain a clear overview of your relevant data and to use their quality-assured processing in a targeted manner.

Together with EY, we have developed the smart data portal RE:QGate, which automatically collects, consolidates, checks and optimizes data for you. This gives you full transparency over your data and the performance of your services and allows you to take proactive measures.


Huge amounts of data are generated daily by billions of customers; the volume is growing exponentially. In order to realize the potential of these raw data mountains, algorithms can be used to derive patterns and trends from this data that cannot be captured by individuals. In this way, future customer wants and needs can be identified, thus achieving the goal of absolute customer centricity and realizing competitive advantages for retailers.

Pleased trustees und partners

Together with our trustees and partners, we are constantly developing our data-based decision support systems to ensure proactive and innovative management in your organization.

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