• Green must not only be the colour of the car
  • E-mobility needs the expansion of renewable energy sources to take sustainability into account


The constantly high increase in emissions in road traffic in recent years due to the use of fossil fuels is pushing for alternative means of propulsion in order to be able to achieve the EU’s climate targets. However, the alternative now dubbed “green” and “sustainable”, i.e. propulsion by means of electric power, does not automatically bring about a reduction in emissions. This depends heavily on the energy mix behind it, which flows into the production, operation and maintenance of electric means of transport, among other things.


Critics of the growing e-mobility boom always denounce the poor working conditions and high CO2 emissions in battery production. The battery as a green means of propulsion compared to fossil fuels is thus questioned. It is crucial to consider how the entire life cycle – from production to recycling – can be operated fairly and sustainably.


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